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Lara Croft, a wildly independent daughter of a missing adventurer, has to leave her when she’s on an island where her father is missing.

Director: Rev Utaug

Authors: Geneva Robertson-Dvoret (screenplay), Alastair Siddons (scenario)

Stars: Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Valton Goggins

Genres: Action | adventure

Country: United Kingdom USA


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ViDEO: 1304 kbps


Duration: 1h 57m 43s

AWARDS: Nothing.

AUDIO: 384 kbps AC3

English language


NOTES: Have fun.

Lara Kroft, a wildly independent daughter of the missing adventurer, he must go over it when he discovers an island where her father is missing.


Roar Uthaug Lara Croft is a desperate independent daughter of an eccentric avant-garde who disappeared when he was an abusive teenager. She is now a young woman of 21 without Lara actually floating on chaotic roads Fashion East London, as a courierBiker, hardly takes a rent and does a college course, Retus in the classroom. Determined to find his own way, he refuses to make decisive decisions about his father’s global empire because he rejects the idea he has actually given up. He has advised to look at the facts and to progress seven years in the dream, even Lara can not understand what ultimately solves the mystery of his mysterious death. She clearly defies her last wishes,Leaves everything she knows looking for her father’s last known task: a legendary tomb on a mythical island found somewhere on the coast of Japan. But her mission will not be easy; only on the island will be extremely muted. Suddenly, the installments could not …

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