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The espionage organization is gaining an impeccable but promising street boy in a highly competitive training program of the agency, as well as a global threat created by the nastiness of perverted technology.


Matthew Vonn A young man named Eggsie, whose father died,when he was a small boy, is closely associated with him, indexing and abusing his mother. He goes out and does something with one of the creeps‘ friends. He is arrested and calls the number that the man gave him: When his father died, he asked if he needed help. A man named Harry came upto him and told him that it was he who helped him. He told him that he knew his father. When a man wants to pay a little for eggs, Harry will take care of him and his comrades with one hand. Then Harry told Eggsey that he was part of a secret organization called Kingsman and that histhe father is also a part of it. He died to protect the world. Harry gives the Egg – the opportunity to become a Kingsman, and he takes it. He is subjected to a shocking course of study. Harry looks at the death of another king, and the route leads him to the American billionaire Valentine, aka V, who alsoCuriously, the group that follows him, …

Kingsman: The Secret Service 2014

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